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Innovations in Tech-surgery


The increasing popularity of smart technology has led to its applications in all fields, and even surgery is not an exception. The use of technology in surgery has led surgeons to go beyond their talent in scalpels and forceps. These advances have not only led to a faster and better outcome, but also to a less painful recovery. Here are some of the exceptional developments you may see on your next OR visit.

Virtual Reality

This innovation has created surgery simulations that will improve the accuracy of surgeons. With virtual reality, orthopedic surgeons can freely explore around a free space, and operate like it’s a real operating room. 

Its multi-user feature allows training as a team, which is essential in surgery. Using this for medical practice will prepare, educate and train surgeons before having the real deal.

View improvement

Current imaging modalities such as x-ray, CT scan and MRI have contributed a lot in diagnosing medical conditions. It works by revealing anatomic structures that may not be seen by the naked eye. In conditions like cancer, however, these modalities may not be sufficient.

Modern technology like optoacoustic imaging has allowed for clearer identification of benign or metastatic tumors. This technology utilizes the use of oxygen concentration in classifying tumors.

Smart Scalpels

Being the foundation of every surgical procedure, precise and accurate surgical cuts are essential. Smart surgical tools like the iKnife do not only improve cuts but also analyzes the composition of tissue it removes. This aids in diagnosis, especially in cancer patients.

Robot, M.D.

Lately, the popularity of the robot “da Vinci” has been recognized in the field of surgery. However, today, other surgical robots have come into the field to enhance surgery. The “Senhance” system is just like other surgical robots. However, this features haptic feedback which makes the surgeons feel when in contact with the patient.

Another upcoming competitor is Verb’s surgical robot. Little is known about its features as of the moment. But surely, it will make an impact as it is backed by data from Google.

Surgery will never be the same in the future. Humans, working hand in hand with medical technology and robots, will shape the surgery of tomorrow.