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Pampers Develops World’s First Smart Nappy


The rise of intelligent gadgets that belong to the Internet of Things made our homes and way of living become smarter than ever. They have evolved our way of living even in the way we take care of our kids and babies. In fact, there are now a lot of intelligent devices and tools for babies that help parents take care of their babies even better. Just recently, top diaper producer Pampers unveiled Lumi, a smart nappy.

All about the smart nappy

Pampers is expected to unveil the world’s first smart diaper this coming autumn 2019. Known as Lumi, this intelligent diaper makes use of action detectors that are being affixed to special diapers with detachable patches. Monitoring will then be done in a Logitech-made apparatus that is able to keep track of the dampness and warmth. 

The device can last up to two to three months without charging. The sensors will check soiled diapers and the baby’s snooze behavior. The collected data will then be sent to an app installed on your phone. This sensor system was developed to enable the parents to recognize the growth of their babies at any time of the day.

Concerns and issues

With this new technology made especially for babies, this is truly a great help for moms and dads. However, some of them expressed their concern about this new gadget. Just like other devices under the Internet of Things, Lumi can also fall prey to notorious hackers and get hold of your baby’s private data. 

But the good thing is that the top executives of Pampers assure parents that their baby’s private data and the statistics gathered by the detectors will be handled with utmost protection. They said that only the parents of the babies that use Lumi with correct identification have right to see their baby’s data.