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The Man Behind “The Walking Dead” Becoming Tired with the Undead


There are surely a lot of fans and avid viewers of the hit AMC horror-suspense TV series “The Walking Dead.” However, not all have an idea that the TV series is based on a comic book. First published in the year 2004, The Walking Dead has become a hit among comic book stores in the world. But after a 15-year run in the shelves, the hit comic book has come to an abrupt end. Asked as to why he decided to stop the comic book series, TWD head artist Charlie Adlard is just simply “done with zombies.”

Why is he “done with zombies”

Aside from the TV series, TWD has also sparked the interest of the Disney-owned entertainment agency Marvel. However, he decided to just move on from all of those zombies. Adlard said that he wants “to do other stuff”. He wants to prove that he can be versatile on other genres, contrary to what the public think that he may be just used on sketching zombies. It may be true, considering that it was all that he has done for the last 15 years. 

Fans were left fazed as they have to deal with the unannounced end of the comic book series just last month. However, Adlard stated that the finale of the series has been in the works for the past four years as the series really needs to have an endpoint.

The future for Charlie Adlard

When asked if he would consider doodling superheroes for his new comic books, Adlard firmly stated that he would now work on minor projects. This is in connection to him turning down Marvel after his success in TWD. 

For now, Charlie Adlard is working on a project that he finds very creative and exciting. He also plans to publish his works in France, where the comic book industry is currently booming, according to his point-of-view.